Friday, June 3, 2011

pick yourself up

Today was really great. Work wasn't very stressful and even though i didn't get to finish all I had to do i still left un-stressed. I really love my job and my office because there is no stress. I control so much of my space and i won't give that up. I get to dress up in everything i want and the fashion is appreciated and even lauded. ah, a girls dream.

I love this outfit. i wore this the other night when i went out with my babes and thought i'd share it. i forgot to take pics of what i wore today, but here are a few others from the past couple of days.

and guess what?? i saw 'thirteen pounds' this evening in center city Philadelphia! she was there shopping and she looked even more radiant in person. i wish i had her skin tone!!

enjoy and thanks.

sorry about the weird angle, these were taken with my imac's camera. i am decked out in complete anthro. even the earrings. mac eye shadow and make up.

here are the days previous:


  1. Love that necklace!!! How cool that you got to meet 13:)

  2. Sneaky didn't mention you had a blog. Um, let's set a shopping date, haha!

  3. VERY cute, flattering, feminine outfit. I especially love your necklace!!!