Monday, June 20, 2011

Frannie and Me!

Ah, i love you 'Frannie Camisole'. Natasha's wearing it and she looks great! But i love this corset so much because I originally bought it to wear with the sanpedro skirt, but it looks great with everything! I feel so mature and beautiful in it. My bf even complimented that I appeared "wifely" in this shirt. I wore it out and about this weekend and he really loved it.

I do hope that you enjoyed your weekend. My week started off with a great Monday. Summer is finally here!

These shots were taken with his HTC evo. We were shopping in Macy's, he needed some new suits and ties for work. I didn't buy this hat , but oh I was thinking about it.

One more pic from my imac: maybe i should start using my 5D for pics. But, *sigh* that's so much work!

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  1. Very cute! I wish I could wear tops like that!