Thursday, June 9, 2011

& and then some

Yesterday was rather cheerful and cheery. I wore white, and one of my fave sweaters, the Whirl & Wind Cardigan. I stalked this sweater for a really long time and I wanted it in both white and yellow, but the yellow was not as exciting as the white. Here I am wearing it with an anthro necklace. Thanks victoria’s secret for the extra help, ~_^. I really needed it.

So it’s a HOT HOT HOT one today in Philadelphia. As in dragon’s breath hot! But I am safely hidden away in my office and I won’t be experiencing this heat until after 4:30 pm today. I don’t really mind the heat you know, I grew up in a very warm climate, it’s the humidity that really gets us. The city would be totally fine if the humidity wasn’t so unbearable.

Ann taylor Skirt
Anthro earrings, necklace, sweater.

Thank you and enjoy!

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