Wednesday, June 29, 2011

black is beautiful at anthro

hello!! i've been a baaaad little blogger. yes, that's said just like the cartoon character. here are the pictures i mentioned before in my last post. whenever i see images like this, i feel represented by anthropologie. It's nice to feel included. Normal. The quotidian is a good feeling. I love this store and they make me feel as though they CREATE clothes with me in mind, and these pictures are my type of aesthetic.

Fourth of July is almost here!!! mwhahaha!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

feeling like a starburst

HI! This was my outfit for Tuesday and I developed this outfit some time ago. I was so excited to wear it to work because this color is actually one of my very favorites to wear. Not just PINK but fuchsia, really fruity looking - FUN and rich.

My week is going well. What is bothering me though is Kenzie's post and I am wondering if I should be more of a socially conscious shopper. Why? Because that's one of the things that i love about anthro. I am no longer persuaded that ANTHRO targets a certain race, a certain CLASS, yes, that's undeniable, but no longer a certain RACE of people. I have seen darker complected women of color, women with natural textured hair - kinky and beautiful on their website. That makes my heart leap! I always right click and save these pictures to my home desktop as proof. Black is beautiful to ANTHRO, even women with darker skin and kinky hair! Marvelous! I will upload some of them in my nest post. I'll see you Friday.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Frannie and Me!

Ah, i love you 'Frannie Camisole'. Natasha's wearing it and she looks great! But i love this corset so much because I originally bought it to wear with the sanpedro skirt, but it looks great with everything! I feel so mature and beautiful in it. My bf even complimented that I appeared "wifely" in this shirt. I wore it out and about this weekend and he really loved it.

I do hope that you enjoyed your weekend. My week started off with a great Monday. Summer is finally here!

These shots were taken with his HTC evo. We were shopping in Macy's, he needed some new suits and ties for work. I didn't buy this hat , but oh I was thinking about it.

One more pic from my imac: maybe i should start using my 5D for pics. But, *sigh* that's so much work!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eye Candy Anthro

This idea was originally formulated by Jessica of Delicatseen. I love her blog for many reasons, and this was a feature that i thoroughly enjoyed. I am a wedding photographer, and I am usually perusing different websites and blogs and i often come across people who are arrayed in anthro. They usually wear them for their engagement sessions. I always want to share these images, esp when these photos are as great as the ones i discovered today. So i am starting a new feature on my blog that i thoroughly enjoy. I will call it 'eye candy anthro' or perhaps 'arrayed in anthro'.

What do you think?

For today s' feature, the prospective bride is wearing the: Across The Land Dress . The black version that she's wearing is sold out online.

Please check out Brooke Images for more pics:
Here is the green version.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the lust of the eye: rachel roy

Today I had an interviewee who came in, in a GORGEOUS Rachel Roy dress. It was so chic! The floral print was so amazing that it just slapped my boring day in the face and woke me up. I have always loved the designer RACHEL ROY. I became aware of her because of our first lady Mrs. O, loves her style and always looks great in her pieces. So I have become entirely smitten myself.

My co-worker and I spent our lunches obsessing over her sale items, and also her resort 2012.

I almost wen into epileptic shock when i viewed her resort collection. I would wear these pieces if I could afford it.
Here are some of the sale pieces that are still entirely out of my budget, but would fit my lifestyle and ideal chic self.

I would rock this skirt out so HARD! Floral, aqua and pencil???? *swoon*

Resort 2012:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

end of day and 'man down'

Well, Rihanna’s song man down has been generating a lot of buzz lately. Understandably so. The video Is very complex. It was a little hard to watch for me. But guess what, I love the song. I know that I love It because It's so REGGAE and I am Jamaican, but I also love It because they just did an overall fantastic job with modernizing such an old and classic sound.

Here I am wearing the: ScalInata Top, ShIftIng Buttons SkIrt and an anthro belt.
Necklace I bought from MACY'S and the shoes are my BCBG score from last year. My most expensive shoe purchase, ever!

& and then some

Yesterday was rather cheerful and cheery. I wore white, and one of my fave sweaters, the Whirl & Wind Cardigan. I stalked this sweater for a really long time and I wanted it in both white and yellow, but the yellow was not as exciting as the white. Here I am wearing it with an anthro necklace. Thanks victoria’s secret for the extra help, ~_^. I really needed it.

So it’s a HOT HOT HOT one today in Philadelphia. As in dragon’s breath hot! But I am safely hidden away in my office and I won’t be experiencing this heat until after 4:30 pm today. I don’t really mind the heat you know, I grew up in a very warm climate, it’s the humidity that really gets us. The city would be totally fine if the humidity wasn’t so unbearable.

Ann taylor Skirt
Anthro earrings, necklace, sweater.

Thank you and enjoy!