Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the lust of the eye: rachel roy

Today I had an interviewee who came in, in a GORGEOUS Rachel Roy dress. It was so chic! The floral print was so amazing that it just slapped my boring day in the face and woke me up. I have always loved the designer RACHEL ROY. I became aware of her because of our first lady Mrs. O, loves her style and always looks great in her pieces. So I have become entirely smitten myself.

My co-worker and I spent our lunches obsessing over her sale items, and also her resort 2012.

I almost wen into epileptic shock when i viewed her resort collection. I would wear these pieces if I could afford it.
Here are some of the sale pieces that are still entirely out of my budget, but would fit my lifestyle and ideal chic self.

I would rock this skirt out so HARD! Floral, aqua and pencil???? *swoon*

Resort 2012:


  1. Hi- visiting you from Lisa/Respect the Shoes. I looove Rachel Roy. It looks like she's moving away from a lot of slouchy looks into colorblocking & cleaner lines. I love it. Love those orange pants!

  2. oh thanks for stopping by! i love her stuff as well. the orange skirt is an eye sore for me :(