Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sorry ladies and gents! I forgot to post my ootda yesterday. So you'll get a double feature today! exciting eh? Anyway, i feel madly in love with this top when i first saw it in my local anthro store. for a small busted woman like myself, it gives the illusion of an ample and perky bosom. I feel so flirtatious and cute in this top. when it originally debuted, i said to myself "wait, wait till it get marked down, because most people WILL not feel the same way you do". that is about the floral and stripes.

but now that floral and stripes are IN, if this were around this year, i don't thin i would've gotten it for $19.00 from the original $98.00 :-).

Anthro pants as well. They run a bit big in the thighs and length, but fit the bum quite nicely. thank you.

My san pedro skirts did get a cut, but I think I can hang in there for maybe a third cut on each! *bone chilling cackle*


  1. Hi!! That's a cute top!! I think I want it too..lol It looks really cute on you <3<3

  2. awww thanks Keiko! I really love it! You would look great in it too!