Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday was mother's day

hi!! so i started this blog and never finished but here i am hoping you'll forgive me because of what i'm about to post. I am sooo in love with this skirt. it's one of my most treasured purchases of the whole entire year so far. I LOVE COLOR! that's what you'll learn about me. the shape on me is completely exquisite. i didn't get a shot of the derrier, but here are pics from after church.

the lady in the shot is not my mum, that's my friend's alicia's mum. BTW that is NOT, NOT NOT my bag! that's her mum's bag i was holding it because she was tired of doing so. i don't match purses to outfits. ewww


earrings anthro
flower in hair h&m purchase from 2005
bracelets made by fialat's
skirt anthro
shirt anthro (very famous)
necklace is anthro
shoes by GUESS (macys)
belt is actually belt from a famous anthor dress (maybe window payne dress??)

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